Modern industrial operations require up-to-date general technical and administrative skills. Industries related to product development and manufacturing industries depend on their ability to manage and manufacture materials, parts, and products within a regulated environment.

Our courses strengthen education, training, and experience of participants by providing them a clear view of the fundamentals and knowledge required for their specific industrial work environments.

CIS Intl. courses are accompanied by diverse learning tools to facilitate understanding and practical application to the work scenario.

Benefits of our Training Services

  • Better understanding of technical and administrative aspects in the topics presented.
  • Direct discussion of specific experiences of the participants to the expert speakers.
  • Exposing participants to regulations, assessments, and modern methods that help participants achieve their competitive advantage.
  • Improve, strengthen, and optimize working methods of the participants.
  • Training Logistic managed by our office.

Formación Servicios Logísticos

  • Entrenamientos personalizados
  • Ponentes experimentados y profesionales.
  • Apoyo administrativo durante el proceso de coordinación de la formación (antes y durante el curso)
  • Course materials: handouts, simulations, videos, practical exercises, attendance record, evaluation sheet, participant´s certificates, etc.
  • Flexible facilities: at our building, at customer´s facilities or external facilities selected by the customer
  • Otros servicios: organización de comidas, equipos audiovisuales, simulacros y materiales, etc.

Training Main Areas

  • GMP
  • Ingeniería
  • Quality and Regulatory Compliance
  • Environmental Health and Safety (including OSHA certifications)
  • Process Safety Management (including HAZOP)
  • Gestión de proyectos
  • Lean Sigma
  • Among others
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