CIS Innovación y Tecnología

Machine Shop Services

  • Custom 2D or 3D Design
  • .STL and .PDF Conversion Available
  • Parts are machined, laser cut, laser engraved,
    3D Printed (ABS), or CNC done
  • Inspection process according to specifications
  • Packaging
  • Delivery for Customer’s acceptance
  • Note: CIS Includes Specifications (use, cleaning, storage, maintenance), Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Part Lists in compliance with customer’s quality system, Parts and Drawings.


  • Laparoscopic and Arthoscopic procedures have replaced tradicional surgeries.
  • These procedures are less invasive, with better recovery rates, more aesthetic scars, less infection risks, and overall better surgical performances.
  • Improvement to minimize the number of incisions is still welcomed.
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