With over 20 years of experience in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Food, and Chemical industries, CIS International provides and technically supports Consultants in Engineering, Quality, Validation, Regulatory, CAPA, Investigations, Laboratories, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Administrative Personnel, Information Technologies (IT) and other disciplines.

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Research and development of marketable ideas: products and processes

Protection of intellectual property of our clients and professional resources

Analysis and testing of existing products to ensure continuous improvement and regulatory compliance

Presentation of products before regulatory agencies (e.g. FDA)

Qualification of facilities, utilities and equipment

Validation of manufacturing processes, cleaning, analytical methods, computer systems and packaging

Preparation for audits and remediation of quality systems

Technical and specialized support, clinical studies and technology transfer

Environmental and occupational health and safety

Design, construction and project management

Development of business strategies

Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) for new and existing products, repackage, and reprocessing

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